Matrix Math
Primary 3 Quiz

Aims of Syllabus

The Primary Mathematics Syllabus aims to enable all students to:

  • acquire mathematical concepts and skills for everyday use and continuous learning in mathematics;
  • develop thinking, reasoning, communication, application and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving; and
  • build confidence and foster interest in mathematics

Source: MOE, Singapore

What is covered in this lesson?

This week (Lesson 6), we will continue with Whole Numbers 6.

We will cover 3 concepts.

  1. Supposition
  2. Comparison of Quantity and units (Given value in a group)
  3. Comparison of Quantity and units (Given value in total)

We will introduce the basic idea of the Supposition Concept to the students. It is quite a challenging concept as this concept requires a new thought process that most children have not yet been exposed to. Do not be too worried if your child finds this concept difficult. The intent is purely to introduce the concept. It is part of our strategy and plans to help our students achieve mastery in this concept. Over the next couple of months, we will repeat this concept. Based on past years’ experience, this plan has worked on all our students.

In primary 2, problem sums are either “comparison of quantities” or “comparison of units.” In primary 3, students can expect problem sums to involve both concepts in a single question. The lesson’s key learning objectives are to have the students understand the questions and state the correct number statements.  

Arithmetics mastery is not the objective of the lesson. Arithmetics mastery will be achieved through drilling and practices while working on problem sums.

Who is suitable to take this course?

  • 9 years old
  • Singapore – Primary 3
  • Malaysia – Form 3
  • American system – Grade 3
  • UK system – Year 3